About Armidale physical culture club

At Armidale Physical Culture Club (Armidale Physie for short), we proudly teach the BJP Physical Culture curriculum. BJP Physie is the oldest running and most prestigious Physical Culture establishment in Australia. For over 125 years, BJP has provided a national platform for Physie clubs to come together to engage in competitions and camaraderie.

“Physie is an elegant way of developing not only fitness but also grace, strength and focus in our girls and women. At BJP, what we are most proud of is how Physie weaves its way throughout the lives of Australian families. Generations of women have discovered lifelong friendships, a true sense of community and a sport for life in Physie.” – Jackie Rawlings, BJP Physical Culture

Empowering Girls for Life

There is an aura of confidence around Physie girls of all ages. Taught to stand tall, with strength and pride, they are team players committed to achieving their goals.

Unlike some ballet and dance studios, Armidale Physical culture club focuses on developing the self­-esteem of its students. By teaching them to have a positive relationship with their bodies, we help students blossom with confidence and self­-assurance.

BJP Physie is passionate about nurturing students’ total wellbeing, in both mind and body. Physie is an accepting and encouraging team sport, where every member is supported and motivated to be the best they can be.

Meet the Teachers at Armidale physie!

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Miss Claire

Claire began Physie at the age of 8 and since this time has progressed from student to teacher.  Claire has a true love and passion for our sport and has been a member of Bjelke-Peterson Physical Culture for over 50 years.  In 1971 Claire opened the Maitland club and travelled from Newcastle to Maitland to teach her own classes and continued to do so until she and her husband Varne moved to Armidale in 1974.

Since moving to Armidale, Claire became a teacher of the club and for 43 years has been a member, teacher and mentor to all past and present club members.

Teacher name template physie - preschool girls ladies dance classes - template physical culture club

Miss Julie

Julie has been at Physie classes since she was born.  When your mum is Claire, you attend every lesson from a baby to adult.   Julie loves all that Physie has to offer.  Julie’s favourite aspect of Physie is the lifelong friendships she has made as well as the extremely positive attributes Physie provides girls which include increased confidence, independence and resilience.

Julie’s teaching style ensures all classes are fun and entertaining. Julie is always smiling, willing to have a chat and is an extremely positive personality.

Miss Michelle

Michelle has been a member with Armidale Physie since 2002, but began her Physie career long before that on the south coast of NSW in Dapto.

Michelle has an amazing eye for Physie and is wonderful with all members in our club.  Michelle is an outstanding Physie dancer, in 2015 Michelle placed 3rd and in 2021 2nd at the National Ladies Masters Competition.

Michelle is a valued member, teacher and mentor of the Armidale Physie Club 


Miss Charlotte

A member at Armidale Physie since 2009, Charlotte loves her Physie.  Charlotte is an extremely dedicated person and has a great personality. Charlotte is a wonderful asset to our Physie Club and brings her love of our sport to each and every lesson. 

Charlotte loves watching her students achieve their individual goals and watching them grow into amazing women.  

Always positive, Charlotte loves her Physie and all the girls love her!


Miss Melissa 

Melissa has been a member of Armidale Physie since she was 5. Melissa brings a wealth of knowledge to all classes she teaches and has a great eye for detail and is a valued member of Armidale Physie.  Melissa represents the club beautifully when she competes and you can see her love for Physie shine throughout her performance. Melissa is an outstanding role model in all forms of her life, her dedication, commitment and passion for Physie is admired by all. 


Testimonials from Students and Family at Armidale physie

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Claire Freund


Physie has been always a major part of my life. It has been a very special sport that I have shared with my daughter all of her life. Now there is three generations enjoying all it has to offer us. Very proud when the three of us take to the floor. Looking forward to many more great years with all of our Physie families

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Nichola Mitchell

“I love physie because it gives girls and women confidence, and creates life long friendships! Physie makes me smile and laugh and makes people happy. Without physie I wouldn’t have a sport or a passion to be part of.  I also love physie because of the memories that are made because of the lovely sport”.

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Denice johns

“Physie has been a huge part of my life with both my daughters loving it for fun, exercise, laughs and friendships and now their daughters are also loving it. Physie brings lots of positives and confidence in many young, shy girls and ladies. Me, as a Mum and Nanny love being involved and able to enjoy all the happy memories and fun times with our Physie family.”